Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Decoration

So this this is our first post!As you can tell it's about christmas!!!!!!!!I'm so excited!!! I mean; hot chocolate,elf on TV and presents and food and....don't talk to me!
Anyway we have three posts planned for this weekend and I decided to kick it off and start with the decoration!!!
So here's a little list I made with the most important things about the christmas holiday decoration.I don't like that "overdone" decoration so I'm going with the cute and vintage style.

1.What is Christmas or winter at all without a cup of hot chocolate?What I've been seeing a lot lately, are those cups in the form of a snowman or a reindeer and I think they look just adorable!

2.Legwarmers!Choose some with a cute motif like those in the picture below.

3.Christmas Lights is a MUST!If you don't have christmas lights, you have nothing!They give a comfy feeling to your room.You can just hang them around your mirror or your bed.

4.Snowflakes are also a great way to decorate you room.If you don't want to buy some, you can just print out some snowflakes from google,cut them out and hang them up.It looks lovely!I promise!

5.Place candles in different scents all over your room.Except for the fact that they'll smell awesome, you'll get a really comfortable look to your bedroom.

6.I thought that the "Merry Christmas" looked really cute so I just had to show it to you.It's pretty easy to make but if you're too lazy to make your own, you can buy similar from christmas stores.

That's all for now.I hope you enjoyed it and I can't wait till the next time.If our ideas inspired you,make sure to send us some pics of your decorated room or just comment below.Have fun while decorating!!!!(oh!and don't forget to put some music on ;) )
Christmas Decoration

P.S.I didn't mention the Christmas tree 'cause it's pretty obvious that you need to have one!


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