Sunday, February 23, 2014


YEIH!!!!!We've been nominated by Nicole Egan from You Got a friend in me for the Liebster Award!!!
First of all we want to thank you,it means so much to us!!!!

But what is a Liebster Award???
It's an award presented to new bloggers (like us :P) .The idea is to get to know the blogger community and spread your blog!!! If you've been nominated by somebody you have to answer the question given to you and nominate by yourself  blogs and give them questions to answer!!Sounds good right?

My questions:
1. What's the meaning behind your blog name?
We're three girls (actually BFF's) and every one of us has a different style.Nancy is the diva (DI),I am the 'hipster' (PSTE) and Demi has an anarchic touch in her style (RCHY).We put them all together and we have...... DIPSTERCHY!!!
2. Some weird facts about yourself?
CHARLIE:I'm a bit shy but when I'm with my friends I just can't stop talking/laughing!
I'm a big fangirl and when I say big I mean really BIG!!!
I'm dancing for a quite long time but I'm not really good.
I play a musical intrument and I can draw (a little bit).
DEMI: Ι loveeee theatre soo much! It makes me happy!
I could spend my day watching movies or series and it would be the mest day ever!!! 
If I would die and then reborn I would like to be a flannel! :P
I'm a detective. I'm SHerlock Holmes! No joking! But when I was little with a certain someone (coughing while saying Charlie :P) we thought we were detectives. We had planned everythig really well! (but I don't want to be a spy!)
I love quotes!
3. What is your favourite film?
CHARLIE:Hard question but I have a list:
1.The Hobbit
2.Harry Potter
3.Alice in Wonderland
5.Pirates of the Caribbean
DEMI:It's an endless list! 
Sherlock Holmes, Gone with the wind, Pirates of the Carribean, The wolf of wall street, Τhe perks of being a wallflower and so many more I just can't remember!
4. What's your guilty pleasure?
CHARLIE:When I achieve something somebody told me I could never do!
DEMI:Chocolate, movies/series! (Bad combination!)
5. What's a quote you live by?
CHARLIE:Smile today,cry tomorrow-read this every day!
DEMI:Speak your mind even if your voice shakes
What defines us is how well we rise after falling
The future belong to the ones who believe in the beauty of their dreams!
In the age of information ignorance is a choice!
6. What's your lucky number & why?
CHARLIE:7-I seriously don't know why...
DEMI:I dont really know! I guess 8 or 13.... I just don't know
7. What are you scared of losing in life?
CHARLIE:My friends and my family.
DEMI:Myself, my familly and theatre.
8. Where would you love to travel?
DEMI:I would like to hop in a motorcycle and go wherever I would want righ that moment!
9. What is your favourite beauty brand and why?
CHARLIE:Maybelline because I love the cool colors they use!
DEMI:I like bourjois a lot. And Maybeline (well it's cheap so I can buy Maybeline products :P). Oh and essence!
10. What Celebrity would you most like to meet?
CHARLIE:John Lennon or Coco Channel which is impossible so I would like to meet.....Alex Gaskarth!
DEMI:Benedict Cumberbacht (wtf I cant even spell it!)
Bob Marley
Jordan Belfort(not really a celebrity but anyway)
Albert Camus
11. Describe yourself in 3 words?
and weird again!
Organization Freak

The nominees are:

The questions for the nominees:
1.What's the meaning behind your blog name?
2.Where do you buy the most of your clothes?
3.Who is your idol?
4.Your favorite song right now?
5.If you could be anywhere right now where would you be?
6.Describe yourself in 3 words.
7.Who inspired you to start blogging?
8.If you could meet a celebrity who would it be and how would you react?
9.Tea or coffee?
10.Favorite beauty brand?
11.What do you wanna say to the readers of your blog?

The Rules Are:

  • You must link back to the person who nominated you.
  • You have to answer the questions given to you.
  • You have to pick 11 nominees and create a set of 11 questions that they must answer.
  • You can't nominate the person that nominated you.
  • You have tell the nominees that they have been nominated by you. 


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Feeling like it's my birthday...

 And actually it was!!!!!Yesterday I finnaly turned 15!!!
I decided to write this post to show you guys some of the awesome presents I got!!!
First of all I got a new perfume which is called 'Pleats Please' by Issey Miyake.It's a really cool scent though because it kind of reminds me of flowers mixed up with the Manga style and youth (???? I really don't know why).By the way I love the design,it's so cool!!!!

The most of you already know this product.I'm talking about the 'Big Eyes' macara from Maybelline by the way!A friend of mine bought me the mascara and I was so excited and I really can't wait to test it!

The last thing I thought I'd mention are those lovely earrings!My BFF got them for me (Nancy,she's blogging too on this blog) and I really freaked out when I saw them because I love this ethnic/chic/glam style!They're from Bijou Brigitte by the way!

That's all...I mean I got more presents but I thought it would get boring for you so I showed only my favs! Hope you enjoyed this post!!!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Baby Lips!!!!

 I know that you've already heard about them and that everyone has them,but this week they were finally available in Greece(where we live)!!!
Of course we had to buy them and we took the chance to write a short post about them!!!
I wanted to test them first and then buy all the lipbalms so I got the 'Pink Punch' (above) and the 'Cherry Me'.They smell both delicious and even if I bought them yesterday I'm in love with them.
The Cherry Me is a light red color and it smells like cherry (obviously) and the Pink Punch is a pink one with a beautiful smell(I guess strawberry?!?) and it's pretty light.
I can't tell if they're working (making the lips smoother and stuff) because I'm using them only for a day!


Friday, February 7, 2014

Favourite Nail Polishes

 We all have this problem!We're searching forever for this one nail polish that will match to everything and everyone.I haven't found this polish yet but I've become really close with those over here:
They're actually my favourite polishes and I'm absolutely in love with them!!!
A quick tip:If you're searching for a polish that could match with a variety of colors go for a darker or a pastel one!

P.S.Listen to 'She Looks So Perfect' by 5SOS it's an awesome song!!! *click here*