Sunday, February 16, 2014

Feeling like it's my birthday...

 And actually it was!!!!!Yesterday I finnaly turned 15!!!
I decided to write this post to show you guys some of the awesome presents I got!!!
First of all I got a new perfume which is called 'Pleats Please' by Issey Miyake.It's a really cool scent though because it kind of reminds me of flowers mixed up with the Manga style and youth (???? I really don't know why).By the way I love the design,it's so cool!!!!

The most of you already know this product.I'm talking about the 'Big Eyes' macara from Maybelline by the way!A friend of mine bought me the mascara and I was so excited and I really can't wait to test it!

The last thing I thought I'd mention are those lovely earrings!My BFF got them for me (Nancy,she's blogging too on this blog) and I really freaked out when I saw them because I love this ethnic/chic/glam style!They're from Bijou Brigitte by the way!

That's all...I mean I got more presents but I thought it would get boring for you so I showed only my favs! Hope you enjoyed this post!!!


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