Monday, December 30, 2013

City Of Bones-Mortal Instruments

 I'm pretty sure that everyone saw Mortal Instruments this summer?I agree,it was an awesome movie (not only because of Jamie C. Bower).But let's just talk about the book.I read it lately and I was impressed. I can see Cassanra Clare as the next J.K.Rowling,her ideas and the way she expresses herself are amazing!
The story is an amazing mix-up of action,romance and humor,her characters are so real and you fall in love with them by their first appearance.
I definitely recommend this book but I wont tell you more about the story,you should find out more about it by yourself it's worthy!Have fun while reading!If you already did that just leave a comment about your favorite character(mine is Jace or Isabelle or maybe Alec?Wait no Bane...I don't know I just love them all).

P.S.Merry Christmas!!!Hope you got to spend the holidays with friends and family! <3


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