Saturday, April 19, 2014

Creative Week

 Spring Breeeakkk!!!!!
Yez so we finally have spring break and I'm soo excited!
The past few days I've been really lazy(ya know watching movies n stuff) until I got bored of doing nothing....
Yeah I know my life is exciting.
Anyways I decided to get really creative and actually do something.
That's why in the last days I drew a lot of things,I took a lot of pictures and choreographed some songs(I'm not gonna show you this one!)
Since I'm really proud of what I did I decided to show you guys some of creations!

'creativity n stuff'
'rainy day-inspired by a we<3 it image'
'Currently working on it...'
'Lady Gaga ladies n gents'

Hope you enjoyed!Leave your comments and your blog links and we'll make sure to check them out!!

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