Thursday, May 22, 2014

Get Inspired!

Okay,imagine this:You're sitting on your desk and you have to do a really hard project but you just don't have any ideas! We've all been there don't even try to lie!
Here are some tips to bring your inspiration back in just a few minutes!
1.Drink something refreshing or warm(depends on which time of the year it is!)
2.Listen to your favorite playlist!But focus on the songs,let the music touch you!
3.Make a diagram and point out all the things you have to do!It's gonna be easier for you to keep everything planned!
4.You could read a book?Not the whole thing just a few pages!
5.Doodle something!Even if it sounds stupid after some time you get really into it and your minds trails off! That's usually the time when we get the best ideas! (Don't doodle on your project!)
6.Look at some old pictures and let the memories come back!

That's all I do to get some inspiration!Sometimes I even like to take some pictures and then going back to work!
I hope this post helped some of you!!!
Oh yeah I almost forgot!We're on our final exam period of this year,which means a lot more studying and less posts!We're really sorry but we have to study hard because,well it's kinda important! :P


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