Saturday, January 4, 2014

How to stay organized for school

Hello everyone! I hope you're having fun on Christmas break! So for all the three of us school starts on Wednesday and it's the beginning of the 2nd semester! Are we ready for this? No we aren't and that's why I decided to make it a little easier  by telling you some of my study and organization tips!!!
1.       Take notes! I can't point that out enough! While in class write what the teacher says, highlight what might be on the exam and generally pay attention!
2.       Find the PERFECT study space! Somewhere you can be comfortable! Personally I prefer my desk or my bed(though sometimes it's a little risky.You know. :P)
3.       Cancel destructions! Turn off your phone, your computer, your TV and anything that can destruct you!
4.       Create a schedule! If you make a timetable in which you will have written all the exams the revisions you have to do and the projects you have to hand in you won't be so stressed out!
5.       Study on time! I know it happens even to the best ones! It's  Sunday 23:57 and that's when you start studying for the next day. Instead of that you could start studying on Saturday morning or even Friday night and you're free the entire weekend!

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