Saturday, January 11, 2014

Shopping for guys

 Every girl has this problem,I know Christmas is over but they still have birthdays right?
Actually I came up with this idea while I was shopping for a guy friend and it took me a long time to decide what to buy him but in the end I came up with something.I'd like to share my ideas with you and maybe that will make shopping a bit easier for you!
1.Beanies or Snapbacks simply because guys in beanies look 10 times hotter.
2.A movie.Just make sure he hasn't seen it before and you know what kind of movies he likes to watch.
3.A (funny) shirt or a sweater?It was my first thought and maybe not that ordinary but it works!
4.A CD or a poster of his favorite artist/band.Go for that only if you're sure about that,it might be weird if you buy him an All Time Low CD and it comes out that he hates this band(which is impossible but let's just pretend so).
5.A gift card!It's the easiest way.Just go for starbucks or H&M and let him choose by himself.
6.Sportswear.If he is a sporty type buy him a nice shirt or pants or some socks?(No don't buy socks that's annoying!)
I hope this might helped you a little bit and if you have any suggestions I beg you leave a comment because it's a really annoying situation especially when you don't have any time and you can't come up with something cool!


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